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Undoukai (Athletic Meet)

Although it is still hot here, we held an Athletic Meet.


We had many voices from our participants that they do not have chance to exercise at home. 

So we planned the Athletic Meet this year to do more exercise here.

For the first event, we had a mixed competition with 3 different games.

We divided into 2 teams, Blue and Red and it was a relay race so everyone was so enthusiastic to cheer up own team and participate.



We had 2 matches and the score was 1 – 1. They both had good matches.


The next event was a cooking activity to make everyone rest after the heated game.

Since the Halloween is coming soon, we made a pumpkin muffin!!

Everyone was very cooperative even right after they competed each other. 




While waiting the muffin to be baked, everyone enjoyed Japanese bento at lunch.

After lunch we had a cheering competition. We competed which team is more supportive to another team.

They used handmade drums (Taiko) to make sound and cheered up each other.


And… look at how enthusiastic they are by tieing headbands (Hachimaki)!!

Then our final game was a ball toss game.

We had 3 matches and the winner goes to…   




The blue team!!!!!!!

They got a trophy and enjoyed the moment of the victory.


After the Undoukai, they had their handmade muffin and got energy back!!


Sakura House 祭り~MATSURI~

There was Matsuri (Festival) held at Sakura House in the middle of summer season.

This is one of the biggest annual event in Sakura House!! 



In the beginning, we had a game for fishing water balloons in a pool,

and made original headbands(Hachimaki) for the festival with each other.




After lunch, Sakura House staff carried our handmade small shrine (Omikoshi) with cries of “Wasshoi, Wasshoi!”

Also we danced “Tanko Bushi” together.




In the finale of Matsuri, we made shave ice which is everyone is looking forward to. 

Everyone tried shaving ice with a small shave machine while the staff made shave ice with a big machine. 

And we enjoyed our handmade shave ice!!!


We had the syrups of Strawberry, Matcha and Lemon with the toppings of Azuki and condensed milk.

The most popular flavor was Strawberry this year as well.


After we enjoyed the shave ice, we played bingo with some prizes related to Matsuri.


Everyone looks forward to this festival every year, so they showed appreciation to us when they were leaving.


We also appreciate everyone to have been able to see many smiling faces!!!!!

🌸Sakura House 9th Anniversary🌸

March 16th 2018…




Sakura House celebrated the 9th Anniversary with our special event!!



The first program was Game activity. It’s the game to throw balls to put in cups.

Participants had 9 balls for our 9th anniversary and competed how many scores they got.

It was very difficult to put the balls in cups, but they really enjoyed. 





For the participants who got the highest score in the game, we congratulated them with Lei. 



After the participants played, our staff also joined the game!!

It was difficult to put the balls in cups as well, but one of staff got the highest score in all…



Then, we had a slide show to see how we spent a year together.

When the participants find their pictures on the screen, they looked very embarrassing , but happy to see everyone’s smiles.



After the slide show, we made “Shiratama Dango” together.

Everyone loves Dango. Look at their pleasant faces!!






The staff boiled and “Shiratama Dango” was ready .

We added Kinako(roasted soybean flour) and Azuki (red bean) on top.

Everyone looked so happy!!


When the family members came to pick up, we gave a photo album to the participants.

The photo album contains a lot of pictures at Sakura House so the family members get known how their loved one spend the time here.


Yoshiko Sensei who is a Ikebana teacher at Sakura House dropped by and brought a big cake with the message!!


We sincerely appreciate that we always have many support.

Thank you very much for all the people who are involved in Sakura House.


We’re going to have a 10th anniversary next year.

We keep doing our best to be able to see much more their smiles!!



“Bringing Smiles to Everyone”

Floor is Shiny!

We had a cleaning company for the floor.


The floor was like this before cleaning.



Then, after the cleaning, the floor is so shiny!!!!



Now we can have a wonderful new year with this shiny floor.

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Christmas Party at Sakura House

We had a Christmas Party at Sakura House.


First of all, we played the game piling up cups to make a Christmas tree.

Everyone was so exciting to be a winner!!


Sakura House staff also joined the game…



After that, we had a cooking time! Everyone really loves cooking.


They made a cake batter and mixed them up, and then poured into a greased cake tin.

They told they don’t have a chance to cook at home so they really enjoyed making the cup cakes.




and then while we were singing Christmas songs…



The cup cakes got ready!!!!

We added whipped cream and some strawberry to the top of the cakes.



Everyone enjoyed eating their own cup cakes.



Merry Christmas!!

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