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Fire Drill at Sakura House

We conducted a fire drill this week.


In the fire drill, we assume the fire coming out from the kitchen and everyone  evacuates from the large hall to the small hall.

We practiced how to transfer from the chair to the wheel chair in case of evacuating with the wheel chair.

We also reviewed how to tell the person in 911 in case of emergency.


With the calling of “Fire”, everyone started heading for the small hall covering their mouth.

After everyone achieved the evacuation, we made sure everyone was safe and then finished the fire drill.


At Sakura House, in order to evacuate as soon as possible in case of emergency, we conduct the fire drill once a month.



Sakura House celebrated 8th anniversary!!!

Thanks to everyone, Sakura House had 8th anniversary on March 16 2017. So we had the special event to celebrate our anniversary.

For the game program, we played the build-the-tree game associating cherry trees.

Our seniors were trying to pile up the cups very carefully, and after making the tree, they showed us the best smiles!


After the game session, we made the Sakura shaped cookies. 

Everyone loves cooking. They all enjoyed making Sakura shaped cookies.


While baking the cookies, we watched the slide show with the memorial pictures in 2016.

We had many events such as the summer festival, Halloween, Christmas in 2016.

After the slide show, it’s snack time! Everyone enjoyed their own cookies.



We really appreciate to have precious time with our seniors.

We continue to do our best to bring smiles to everyone!!

Thank you for coming to our booth at Honolulu Festival

Japan Hawaii Culture Expo, one of the big events of Honolulu Festival, was taken place in Hawaii Convention Center on March 11 and 12.

Sakura House had a booth in 2 days and sold some our seniors’ crafts.

We had many visitors in 2 days, and also there are some people who are familiar to Sakura House.

Thank you very much everyone for coming to our booth!



Visit us and take a tour!

We have some openings now! (as of Feb 16)

Please visit us for a tour and see how our seniors enjoy at Sakura House!

Then, you’ll be a part of our lovely members!

Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment for the tour!

Sakura House -Adult Day Care Program-
1666 Mott Smith Drive (Entrance is at Lewalani Drive side)
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96822-2869
Tel: (808) 536-1112


February 3rd is the day of Setsubun.

Setsubun refers to the day before the beginning of each season.

Out of all the 4 Setsubun days, Risshun (the first day of spring) is the most special day.

It is believed that Oni(Ogre) comes when the seasons change in Japan.

There are many rituals to exorcise these Oni and invite fortune.


At Sakura House, we played a game to bust Oni by throwing balls.

We also made Ehomaki (a long sushi roll) and ate them praying for happiness throughout the year.

In the afternoon, Oni showed up and came to attack us.

Everyone was so hard to try to exorcise Oni saying  “Oniwa-soto” meaning “Ogres out!”.


In A&C session, everyone made a Oni mask or a god of fortune mask and showed them to their family member.


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