Services Provided

  1. Management and conduct of our day care program by professional and trained staff including initial and periodic assessment, evaluation, and/or consultation with Program Director.
  2. Day care plans of care, activities, excursions and schedules developed and tailored to meet individual needs and diagnoses.
  3. Supervision with standby to moderate assistance as needed for selected activities of daily living such as walking, transferring, toileting and eating.
  4. Healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch will be provided. Snack served mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  5. Health status observation and condition monitoring as needed; first aid treatment and/or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation in the event of medical emergency.
  6. Referrals for other resources and services
[写真] Flower Arrangement
[写真] Arts and crafts (coloring)
[写真] Chigiri-e done by participants

Activities Provided

In order to bring smiles/benefits to everyone, Sakura House will provide various services and activity programs by:

  1. Respecting the multicultural background of Hawaii
  2. Considering not only participants but all people who are involved in their care

Multicultural Program

Sakura House will assist people in the experience of different cultural backgrounds. They will learn about other cultures through various activities such as multicultural dance, music, and especially, Arts and Crafts with a Japanese Flair, which is not just for fun but also can stimulate bran/hand function (i.e. origami, calligraphy, chigiri-e etc.)

Intergenerational Program

Sakura House will increase intergenerational understanding by also involving Hawaii’s youth as volunteers. Sakura House hopes the increased interaction will promote the handing down of traditions and time honored values from generation to generation.