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Our day care was featured in the newspaper!

Sakura House was featured in the newspaper, Japanese Daily Sun(Nikkan San) for the special article of “End of life planning in Hawaii”.




There is the same article on the website below.(Only Japanese)

ハワイでの終活vol.8; 介護予防〜健康寿命の伸ばし方


To live longer and healthier, adult day care should be needed.


If you are interested in our adult day care, we would be happy to tour.

*Please make an appointment in advance. 

Japan Hawaii Culture Expo 2017

“The Honolulu Festival” is held from March 10th(Fri) to 12th(Sun),

and one of the biggest events “Japan Hawaii Culture Expo 2017” is held at Hawaii Convention Center during the festival.


We will have a booth on March 11 and 12, please come to visit our booth!

Honolulu Festival:

Aloha! from Sakura House

Thanks to the support from all the participants, their family members, vendors and all the persons concerned, Sakura House had the 7th anniversary in 2016.

And on July 1st, Yuya Matsuoka took up a post of the new director.

Here is the greetings from the new director:


I am so glad to be here and honored to greet as the director of Sakura House.

Before I came to Sakura House, I had worked as a director at a nursing home (also named Sakura House) in Japan which is managed by the owner company, Fine Medical Japan. There are many residents who are in serious medical conditions, so I gained valuable work experience as a specialist of a caregiver by working with doctors, nurses and pharmacists.


Here in Sakura House, I always keep our motto, “Bringing Smiles to Everyone!” in mind and try to build the place where everyone is able to smile and  be happy whenever they come. I also do my best to make Sakura House trustworthy in the community by providing safe and cozy environment as well as the place where our staff grow up. I hope Sakura House will be the essential place for everyone.


Let’s have a happier day with full of smile together!


Mahalo nui loa,


Yuya Matsuoka

Our Homepage has been renewed!

Thank you for accessing our homepage.

We have renewed our homepage. We’ll post on articles here to show our fun programs at Sakura House.