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🌸Sakura House 12th Anniversary🌸

On March 16th 2021,


We were able to have the 12th anniversary.



Due to the COVID-19 regulations,


we couldn’t have a big celebration like before,


but we had many fun activities such as a game related to the number “12”,


a flower arrangement class using pink flowers and making picture frames♪


The winner of the game got a big prize related to the number “12” (Alarm Clock!) 









We also celebrated our anniversary with a big cake


Everyone looks so happy♡



And we took pictures with our hand-made anniversary board before going home!




We are still having a tough time,


but we do our best to bring SMILES to everyone♪



We always appreciate everyone’s warm support.


🌸Sakura House🌸

🎄A Christmas Wreath🎄

We received a Christmas Wreath from a participant’s family member.


And our staff decorated the wreath nicely.


The smell is good and we have more Christmas atmosphere now.


Merry Christmas, everyone🎄



🌈Rainbow State🌈

When we just opened the door today,


there was a big RAINBOW🌈 in front of us!!


We were talking with participants that


it looked we have a very nice day today.


Happy Aloha Friday!!


✋Homemade Hand Sanitizer✋

We received homemade hand sanitizers from a student from Kalani High School.  



Thank you very much for the donation!  



We greatly appreciate everyone’s kindness.



Face Mask Donation

We received donation of many wonderful hand-made masks from relatives of our participant.


Thank you so much for the warm support!


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