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🌈Rainbow State🌈

When we just opened the door today,


there was a big RAINBOW🌈 in front of us!!


We were talking with participants that


it looked we have a very nice day today.


Happy Aloha Friday!!


✋Homemade Hand Sanitizer✋

We received homemade hand sanitizers from a student from Kalani High School.  



Thank you very much for the donation!  



We greatly appreciate everyone’s kindness.



Face Mask Donation

We received donation of many wonderful hand-made masks from relatives of our participant.


Thank you so much for the warm support!


Boy’s Day🎏

In Japan, May 5th is “Kodomo no hi” (Children’s Day).


It is also known as “Boy’s Day” in Hawaii


and some families celebrate “Tango-no-sekku” which is 


the traditional annual event to wish for the healthy growth of boys.



We display “Koinobori”(the fabric carp-shaped wind sock streamers) at our entrance.


Koinobori shows in the hope that young boys will be successful in society.



It is a beautiful day today and Koinobori is flowing very comfortably.


CPR Training

At Sakura House, all staff are required to obtain the CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) license.


We had an instructor for the lecture,

and we learned current CPR matters as well as skill training(CPR, how to use AED and how to help someone who is choking).


During the training, we thought of the emergency situations and learned practical skills.





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