Sakura House’s staff will not administrate client’s medication. The Participant’s medications must be supplied by participant/caregiver.

Any medication taken at Sakura House—Adult Day Care Program—must be original containers in which they were dispensed by the pharmacy or purchased over the counter. All medication containers should be clearly labeled with the participant’s name, the name and strength of the drug, the current dosage instructions frequency of administration, date of refill, and the prescribing physician’s name and expiration date for the medication. The container must be the most recently filled from the pharmacy.

Only All medication meeting these requirements will be able to be stored in a locked space or placed in a refrigerator by Sakura House’s staff. Participants with medications not meeting these requirements (e.g. pills in pillboxes, napkins, etc) will only be given a reminder to take their medication at the appropriate time. Sakura House cannot be held liable for administration for such medications. Families should not ask Sakura House’s staff to administer non-prescribed food supplements.

Medication administration records are kept for every medication administered to every participant. Family members are responsible for providing medication and for updating Sakura House—Adult Day Care Program—in writing should any changes be made in the participant’s medication.

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